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Compatible with:


  • Vocal:

    similarly to smartphone Technologies, with Orion everyone can do simply and everyday operations only asking and “giving commands”, without any training to a specific vocal timber or user (Speaker Independent).

  • Simple:

    whether you are a programmer or a computer beginning, you ask, it executes.

  • Adaptable:

    thanks to this software, everything created and inserted into the computer is immediately available.

  • Powerful:

    when you’ll acquire its features, it will seem to you to have two more arms and you will be able to do different things at the same moment!

Whatdoes he do?

Files & Folders


Web Navigation



Files & Folder Stop with long and boring pc researches! When you need, you have simply to ask Orion to open images, video, music, documents, folders and programs. Orion will do it!

Entertainment It has never been so easy and funny to control the audio of your multimedia player.

Web Navigation The interaction with the pc will be done in hands-free mode also on the web. You can make researches on Google or on YouTube without necessarily sitting in front of the monitor.

Multilanguage The vocal adaptation to researches in a foreign language is no longer a problem with Orion. Now you have only to specify the target language (English, French, German, Spanish and Italian of default) to search web contents and to write documents, only dictating.

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